Feedback from our Registrants

"Hands down, the best fertility education I've ever done for my practice. So many practical, useable tips and tools to help get to the bottom of fertility challenges and then offer targeted support."

Dr. Michelle M
Naturopathic Doctor, Manitoba

"At a time of information overload, Nora and Jessica produced clear, up to date evidence based content. Thank you for the valuable and practical information as we continue to work together to elevate healthcare! The course was nothing less than excellent."

Miranda Tawfik
Registered Pharmacist, Ontario

"Amazing course content! Material is presented from a clinician perspective, in a manner that makes it easy to carry forward into practice for discussions with patients. Would highly recommend, and I look forward to future courses!"

Dr. Courtney C
Naturopathic Doctor, British Colombia

"The Fertility Continuing Education course was packed with useful and actionable information, as well as a cohesive approach to supporting fertility. My patients quickly started to benefit from what I learned, and I find myself returning to the notes to cite certain details. Both instructing naturopathic doctors are warm, clear, knowledgeable and supportive. I recommend this course to anyone with an interest in fertility in their practice, whether or not you are a prescriber."

Dr. Julia Segal
Naturopathic Doctor, Ontario

"Thank you for putting together this course! I loved learning about the myriad uses of cycle charting as a health tool. It's a wonderful system to monitor your patient’s gynaecological and obstetrical health. I now feel confident teaching Cycle Charting to my patients.  This course offers specific work-up and tools to be used in the case of low progesterone in pregnancy. These are only some examples of what you’ll learn from Dr. Liu, ND and Nora Pope, FCP. I would recommend any practitioner who has an interest in women’s health to take it."

Dr. Kate Morrison
Naturopathic Doctor, Ontario

"Courses have absolutely amazing content and excellent production quality. Easy to follow with great resources."

Dr. Marnie Luck
Naturopathic Doctor, Ontario

"So amazing! One of the best CEs I've ever done, can't believe I didn't know any of this before. Cycle charting is MUST for naturopathic education and should be integrated into all education programs. Through that alone I have come to such a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle. I loved all the herbal formulas as well and the very comprehensive pharmacy. Very very well done!"

Dr. Katelyn Mudry

Naturopathic Doctor, British Columbia

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